Great place to live!

- Steven Brady
I recently moved to Baldwin Harbor from my home in Windermere. I love it here. I am an investor in properties like this with another company . . . and I am extremely pleased with the management team here . . . Meghan set me up initially and did a great job. And she and the rest of the management team (thanks Jen and others) have made this a great experience. I personally have not rented for decades. The things I worried about 30 plus years ago are a thing of the past -- no smoking anywhere -- enforced. Modern construction eliminates noise. Very energy efficient. Pleasant neighbors. Onsite management and maintenance means things get fixed FAST when they rarely need attention. When you compare renting with owning a home and all the costs that entails (no, it's far from just mortgage and insurance), this is a superior deal. I find a great deal of value living here, and recommend it highly.